Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Difference Between Political Parties And Movements

The prime aim and purpose of a political party revolves round its personal interests and in the achievement of power; where as a movement is totally different as regards its aims and purpose. The gaining of power is never the sole aim of a movement because a movement is launched for the acquisition of the collective rights of its peoples and the achievement and aim of a movement is to succeed in the attainment of its purpose and aim. In the joining of political parties personal interests and selfish motives take priority. There are egocentric desires to become MPA’s & MNA’s, to gain popularity and to be called a leader is each individual’s uppermost craving. On the contrary, when an individual associates himself with a Movement his desires, aspirations and attitudes are totally different. The individuals who join a movement have no personal aims and goals because their attitudes are such that they have no desire to gain from the Movement but to give. They willingly give quality time, they sacrifice their wants, desires and self-interests for the benefit of the movement and their foremost goal lies in the achievement of the collective rights of its people and in the promotion of the collective interests, purpose, mission and vision of the movement and not of the self. In a Movement, the basis of merit is not the social status and wealth but it is the attitude and practical performance.