Sunday, July 20, 2008


Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder & Leader, has requested to government to call an all parties conference to discuss the current crises, growing talibanisation, country’s critical situation, economic crises; as it is the need of time. He has appealed to invite all the political and religious parties in this conference. He also appealed to call urgent session of all the chambers of commerce of the country and small investors to discuss the stock market commotion. He expressed these views in an important session at the MQM International Secretariat London attended by Members of MQM Coordination Committee Saleem Shahzad, Muhammad Anwar, Waseem Aftab, Mustafa Azizabadi, Asif Siddiqui, Qasim Ali Raza and Member of Provincial Assembly Sindh Nisar Pahnwar.
Mr Hussain said that as a result of the deteriorating situation of the country and the economic and trade crises; not only the stock exchanges are feeling the impact but also industrialists and investors, big or small, are faced with difficulties and compelled to come out on the streets. On the other hand, the situation in tribal areas is fast deteriorating with every passing day. The Taliban Movement has given ultimatum to the ANP Government in NWFP to resign in 5 days or face the consequences. Be it the economic crises, increase in terrorism in tribal areas, every citizen of the country is concerned, however, the government is yet to be seen to be taking strong action. He appealed to the Government that the current scenario and the national unity and integrity demands that an All Parties Conference is called to formulate a clear line of action to address and tackle the growing talibanisation in Pakistan, political and economic crises, closure of industries, inflation, unemployment, load shedding, energy crises and similar issues. All coalition partners and the parties of the Opposition should also be invited and a joint line of action to be formulated with consensus of all. He further advised the Government to call an urgent session of all the stock exchanges of the country and the investors, big or small, to discuss the economic crises and the stock market commotion.

Mr Hussain said that Pakistan came into being as a result of enormous sacrifices. The country has already been disintegrated in two and the remainder Pakistan is faced with a critical situation. Therefore, for the sustenance of the remainder of the country, it is the need of time that all the political and religious parties, industrial and traders organisations, social organisations and people from all walks of life to come forward and demonstrate national unity. He reminded that the MQM has already offered its unconditional support to the Government and its defence institutions. He appealed to the citizens of Pakistan not to get despondent and remain united.