Monday, June 2, 2008

Tribute To Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain is a founder leader of Muttahida Quami Movement which is also known as MQM. Muttahida Quami Movement is a first political movement who has raised the voice for poor and middle class people of Pakistan.Quaid-e-Thereek Altaf Hussain Bhai who is just not only a politician but a genuine thinker his opinions and statements are not only novel but also provoking.He is the first and only leader in Pakistan who introduced new trend in political culture by giving a non-feudal based political philosophy which is sole representative of educated middle class masses, minorities and have nots.The people of Pakistan are well aware of his political ideologies and statements. Altaf Bhai started his political journey by making a student political organistaion APMSO and during his struggle from APMSO to Muttahida he has suffered and sacrificed alot.In his political sturggle he lost his brother,nephew,close friends,Mqm officials and thousands of workers and suporters, Those who were against poor and middle class people to stand tried every possible and imposible ways to stop Altaf Bhai to work for poor and middle class people of Pakistan but through Altaf Bhai's strong will and devotion it has become purely not possible to stop Altaf Bhai to work for the 98% people of Pakistan.Altaf Bhai had faced many terrible times given by establishment and by those who cannot even imagine poor and middle calss people actually asking for there own rights as a Pakistani citizens. Altaf Bhai made this possible and send people who belongs to the lower and middle class families to the assemblies of Pakistan under the name of HAQ PARAST (Mqm).After struggling soo much he did proved himself as a honest and reliable political leader of Pakistan now not only in Pakistan but Mqm is also known internationally as a most fast growing and well reputed political organisation who has vast public support in the main cities of Sindh.The message of Mqm is spreading all over Pakistan in a very managed way. Altaf Bhai as a leader of such a strong and powerfull political movement in nature he is very nice and loving with all, especaiily with his workers and this could be a reason that Mqm worker cannot stop loving Altaf Bhai and he respects him the most.Mqm is not against any political party or any organisation.The message of Peace and love is given by Ataf Bhai and he has proved this message practically at many times.He has proven himself as a Leader of a Nation.Altaf Bhai is the most popular political figure of Pakistan only because he has public support on a very vast scale in all major cities of Sindh.In other words this wont be wrong if i would say that Altaf Bhai is loved by the people of Pakistan and blessed by God.What Altaf Bhai had done and has given to us in return we cannot do or give anything to him on such extent but yes we can promise to him that we will always going to stay loyal,sincere and devoted with him and Muttahida Quami Movement.