Thursday, July 31, 2008

Altaf Hussain lauds CDGK’s efforts to cope with rains

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain Wednesday paid tribute to the City Nazim Karachi and the City District Government for taking effective steps for coping with the rain related challenges.

The Haq Parast leadership of City Government took appropriate measures for improvement of the storm water drains and overall sewerage system before the expected rains. This helped avert a crisis like situation faced by the city in the last year’s rains, he added.


Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that if compared to previous years the situation in Karachi was much better this year even after a record 66 millimeter rain. The main roads were in past used to disturb most due to the accumulation of rain water for even 20days which resulted in traffic gridlock for many hours, however, this year municipal workers did not required any pumps or machines to drain out water from main roads and the citizens found the city clean in the morning after heavy showers.
After a detailed visit to various areas of the city on Wednesday the City Nazim said that the water was drained out through the storm water drains installed at all the main roads, flyovers, bridges and underpasses constructed during the last two and half year.
He said that “although concerned departments had already finalized all arrangements regarding rains and the preparations were completed much earlier the installation of storm water drainage system played key role in dealing with the situation while the command and control centre was also proved useful where during and after rain situation was monitored in 38km area through video cameras and teams were dispatched immediately to clear traffic jam and rain.
Nazim Karachi said that all the concerned officers and workers including DCO Karachi, MD. KWSB, EDO Municipal Services were remained on roads till 6 am in the morning and the city has been made clean overnight.
He said that all credit for this should go to team work which has made this possible.
He further said that the power failure was responsible for the traffic jam at some of the roads and the situation was controlled immediately with the help of community policing which helped traffic police maintain traffic flow.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

300 people on Baitullah Mehsud’s hit list

* List includes PPP, MQM and ANP leadership

The intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been put on high alert based on the news that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud has prepared a hit list of around 300 high-profile figures, including political leaders.

“Of course this type of information is received from time to time,” said CID Chief DIG Saud Mirza, adding that the country was still under threat. “We are in coordination with all the intelligence agencies.” Source close to an intelligence agency said that it was assumed that the leadership of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Awami National Party (ANP), anti-Taliban Shia, Sunni clerics, personnel from the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, officials from the interior and provincial ministries and journalists could be targeted by the Pakistani Taliban. Their families were also believed to be at risk.

The MQM leadership was also informed by the LEAs when Jundullah members were arrested on charges of attacking the then corps commander of Karachi Lt Gen Ahsan Hayat. During interrogations, these men confessed that they targeted the party’s leadership as its members were perceived as ‘American agents’.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Autumn the divorce between trees and leaves,

Beginning of the winter, as we believe.

Leaves falling like drops of rain,

Trying to fly but in vain.

Wandering on the roofs, alleys and streets,

Crushing under the walking feet.

The trees feed the leaves, making them strong.

Keeping them green and fresh, all along.

When a leaf leaves the tree.

It becomes lifeless, direction-less and fall free.

I see these falling leaves and think,

All the things of nature have a link.

A person who loose his faith is just like a falling leaf,

Having no direction, no purpose of life and no belief,

Falling from the tree of faith, loosing life's flame,

Wandering on the streets of life without any aim.

Faith is the strength and essence of life.

Keep your faith alive in peace and strife.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Muttahida Quami Movement Vehemently Denounces The Murder Of MQM Worker In Karachi

The Central Organizing commitee of Muttahida Quami Movement have intensely deprecated the cold blooded murder of MQM worker Sohail Sami.Sohail Sami, 25, was a worker of MQM Malir Sector, Unit 97. The office bearers of MQM vehemently denounced the incidence occurred in Malir, Karachi in which, it is apprehended, that armed terrorists abducted Sohail Sami and then shot him to death with several rounds of fires. It is worth mentioning that two months ago, in the same vicinity, another worker of MQM Mohammad Azim was put to death by armed terrorists.The members of MQM Central Organizing Committee said that the murders of MQM workers and harassment to MQM workers is a part of strategic planning of non-democratic forces who, on one hand are encouraging and facilitating Talibanization in Karachi, and on the other hand, are creating unrest in the city of most peace-loving people of the country. They said that the workers and supporters of MQM are peace loving people and don’t want to take the law in their hand. However, they reiterated, if these elements will not refrain from attacking pro-democratic MQM workers, the workers and supporters of MQM will find no other way than to defend themselves in a better way. The office bearers of MQM demanded of the highest ranks in the law enforcing authorities to probe into the incidence and the culprits should be brought to justice instantly.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ever since the PPP government came in power it is trying its best to undermine the MQM-led city government in Karachi. It cannot reconcile to the fact that Karachi is the power base of its main rival in Sindh. It knows that the real power of the political parties is the work it gets done for the people which votes them to power.

It is working on the premise that if you keep your opponent parties in need for money, restrict their ability to work and keep them busy dealing with allegations of misuse of power and financial irregularities you lessen their energies and frustrate them. The reconstruction work suffers and then you blame your opponents for not getting their work done.

It seems that the city government is surrounded by vicious adversaries, the Sindh Local Government Minister on one side, the CM on the other, the National Reconstruction Bureau and the Federal Government Local Bodies Ministry on the other two. Instead of addressing to the pressing economic issues of the people the PPP-led government is chipping on whatever good the local government has done for the people of Karachi.

The CDGK has done a marvel by transforming the city’s infrastructure in a short period of time. Like any other organisation, its work cannot be without a blemish but it is learning. The people have seen a change in the city and have benefited from it. For the first time people have been given a voice that is also being heard. People have access to its chosen leaders and there is no lord peon to stop his entry to the office of the union council (UC) and Nazim. The UC leaders are the residents of the area they represent and have a stake in getting the work of the area done. With a strongly willed Nazim, whose integrity even the opposition is willing to accept, Karachi is in line to become a major city of Asia.

This is not going down well with the new anti-people PPP, which is hell bent in minting a piece of the pie and making money from whatever is the budget allocation for Karachi. If they were wiser they could have used the ‘Karachi Experience’ to bring about the same infrastructural changes in the rest of Sindh.

But it is not about the “people”. It is about “politics”. In the end the rich will become rich and the poor will become poorer.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Second Level Of Nagan Flyover Opened in Karachi

The second level of the Nagan Chowrangi flyover was opened for vehicular traffic late on Saturday night.

City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal performed the opening ceremony.

Seemingly undeterred by the withholding of the promised funds by the federal and provincial governments, the city nazim announced that the city government would curtail its non-development expenditures to finance and complete the ongoing development projects in the city.

Talking to newsmen after the inauguration, he said that the Nagan Chowrangi and Gulshan-i-Iqbal flyovers were actually federally-funded projects but owing to the withholding of funds, the city government spent Rs170 million from its own resources to complete the project.

He said that so far the city government spent Rs400 million on various development projects under bridge financing.

Defending his decision to continue the work on various projects without getting the promised funds, the nazim said that since the cost of raw material was increasing with each passing day, there was a possibility that if the city government kept waiting for the promised grants, the overall costs of the projects would increase manifold.

“Therefore, despite limited resources, we do not want to further delay the ongoing projects,” the nazim said.

Mr Kamal maintained that the city government was facing a shortfall of around Rs3 billion but was trying to meet the same by curtailing various non-development expenditures including fuel, medical etc.

However, he urged the federal and provincial authorities to release the withheld funds to the city government so that it could complete the ongoing development projects in the city.

The nazim said that the signal-free corridor II comprising five flyovers – three on Rashid Minhas Road, one at Sohrab Goth and the Nagan Chowrangi flyover – would be formally inaugurated on Independence Day.

He said that that the Nagan Chowrangi flyover was an important part of the signal-free corridor II, which linked Sharea Faisal to Surjani Town and was being completed at an estimated cost of Rs650 million.

Level one of the Nagan Chowrangi flyover was recently opened for vehicular traffic.

Currently, the city government is constructing one more loop of the flyover, which will cover Anda Mor and is scheduled to be completed by August 14.

Mr Kamal congratulated the people of Karachi on the opening of the Nagan Chowrangi flyover and observed that due to effective arrangements, traffic was not disturbed during the construction work of the flyover.

He said that the city government would work on the beautification of the entire area after the completion of work on adjacent roads and a storm-water drain.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder & Leader, has requested to government to call an all parties conference to discuss the current crises, growing talibanisation, country’s critical situation, economic crises; as it is the need of time. He has appealed to invite all the political and religious parties in this conference. He also appealed to call urgent session of all the chambers of commerce of the country and small investors to discuss the stock market commotion. He expressed these views in an important session at the MQM International Secretariat London attended by Members of MQM Coordination Committee Saleem Shahzad, Muhammad Anwar, Waseem Aftab, Mustafa Azizabadi, Asif Siddiqui, Qasim Ali Raza and Member of Provincial Assembly Sindh Nisar Pahnwar.
Mr Hussain said that as a result of the deteriorating situation of the country and the economic and trade crises; not only the stock exchanges are feeling the impact but also industrialists and investors, big or small, are faced with difficulties and compelled to come out on the streets. On the other hand, the situation in tribal areas is fast deteriorating with every passing day. The Taliban Movement has given ultimatum to the ANP Government in NWFP to resign in 5 days or face the consequences. Be it the economic crises, increase in terrorism in tribal areas, every citizen of the country is concerned, however, the government is yet to be seen to be taking strong action. He appealed to the Government that the current scenario and the national unity and integrity demands that an All Parties Conference is called to formulate a clear line of action to address and tackle the growing talibanisation in Pakistan, political and economic crises, closure of industries, inflation, unemployment, load shedding, energy crises and similar issues. All coalition partners and the parties of the Opposition should also be invited and a joint line of action to be formulated with consensus of all. He further advised the Government to call an urgent session of all the stock exchanges of the country and the investors, big or small, to discuss the economic crises and the stock market commotion.

Mr Hussain said that Pakistan came into being as a result of enormous sacrifices. The country has already been disintegrated in two and the remainder Pakistan is faced with a critical situation. Therefore, for the sustenance of the remainder of the country, it is the need of time that all the political and religious parties, industrial and traders organisations, social organisations and people from all walks of life to come forward and demonstrate national unity. He reminded that the MQM has already offered its unconditional support to the Government and its defence institutions. He appealed to the citizens of Pakistan not to get despondent and remain united.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Altaf Hussain offers unconditional support to the government

Country is faced with critical situation; our nuclear assets are at risk

Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder & Leader, has stated that the country is faced with critical situation, our nuclear assets are at risk, therefore, and we must refrain from issuing provocative statements against foreign powers so as not to provide them with justification to carry out an attack on Pakistan. The MQM in the past has offered unconditional support to the Government and today once again we offer our unconditional support to the Government and defence institutions for the safety and security of the country. Mr Hussain expressed these views while addressing a meeting at the International Secretariat of MQM in London. The meeting was attended by the Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan, City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, Members of MQM Coordination Committee Muhammad Anwar, Syed Tariq Mir, Senator Babar Ghauri, Adil Siddiqui, Javed Kazmi, Waseem Aftab, Mustafa Azizabadi, Ashfaq Manghi, Provincial Minister for IT Raza Haroon and Member Provincial Assembly of Sindh Nisar Pahnwar.

Mr Hussain said that he has recently issued repeated statements drawing the attention of the people at the helm of affairs towards danger and deteriorating situation in FATA and tribal areas. He said that he emphasised that if concrete steps are not taken to tackle this situation and the spread of terrorism then it might be too late. He said that all his apprehensions have come true and every citizen is aware that US leaders, military officials and President of Afghanistan have said that if the situation is not controlled then they will no longer do dialogue or share intelligence with Pakistan and have warned that they will carry out unilateral attacks on Pakistani areas used for terrorist attacks on Afghanistan. Mr Hussain said that the Prime Minister himself has acknowledged that tribal areas are harbouring Uzbek, Chechan and other foreign elements who are engaging in warfare with the security forces and committing acts of terrorism. They are beheading captives and throwing the bodies on streets. Addressing the political and religious parties Mr Hussain asked does Islam teaches us to behead Muslim brothers. It is, therefore, essential that the Government should take concrete steps to tackle terrorism or else if the American and NATO forces will attack the tribal areas and the FATA region then it will highly detrimental to the country. Pakistan is already faced with threats at borders, the lawyers community must also rethink whether their priority should be to join the struggle to save the country or continue with the movement for restoration of judges. The PML-N and PPP should also resolve their differences through dialogue and take into confidence all the coalition partners and also the opposition parties with a view to save the country.
Mr Hussain appealed to all political and religious parties not to issue provocative statements nationally or internationally against foreign powers so that to provide them with a justification to attack our borders. He requested all the political and religious parties to demonstrate patriotism, maturity and sincerity at this crucial time. He informed that information has reached that our nuclear assets are in danger but instead of grasping the depth of current situation we are still busy in making tall claims of erecting our national flag at the Delhi Red Fort. Such was the state of affairs when we lost half the country in 1971. We must refrain from issuing provocative statements and be sensible in our political approach. Mr Hussain reminded that the MQM has already offered its unconditional support to the Government and feeling the need of time the MQM once again offers its unconditional support to the Government and the defence institutions for the safety and security of the country. He prayed to Almighty Allah for the safety and security of Pakistan.
During the meeting Mr Hussain also offered fateha for lat Syed Hashim Ali, former Haq Parast Member of Provincial Assembly, who passed away in Leicester City recently.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008 - BAITULLAH MEHSUD, Taliban Militant Commander



Baitullah Mehsud, the 34-year-old pro-Taleban militant commander, fits the part of the Pakistani tribal guerrilla leader to the hilt.

But there is something extra about him as well.

The few journalists who have met him speak of his earnest desire to support his actions by his interpretation of Islamic ideals.

The emphasis here is on jihad (holy war) against foreign occupying forces in Afghanistan and the establishment of an Islamic state.

These include the use of suicide bombers and cross-border attacks on international forces based there.

There is also his aversion to publicity in general, and to photography in particular.

“He does not allow his picture to be taken,” says a journalist who has met the commander.

It is an aversion he shares with Taleban supreme commander Mullah Omar, with whom he is said to have a “good relationship”.

Baitullah Mehsud, as his name suggests, belongs to the Mehsud tribe in Pakistan’s troubled South Waziristan region.

The area is now said to be a safe haven for al-Qaeda and the Taleban.

In this regard, Baitullah Mehsud is said to have played a major role, especially in providing a sanctuary for fighters to operate in Afghanistan.

Commander Mehsud makes no bones about this, and says it is in fact the duty of every Muslim to wage jihad against “the infidel forces of America and Britain”.

The militant leader on several occasions has openly admitted to crossing the border to fight foreign troops.

Since 9/11 he has grown in strength and stature, making him the most important pro-Taleban militant commander in the Waziristan region.

He is said to operate under a legendary Afghan Taleban commander, Jalaluddin Haqqani.

Jalaluddin Haqqani is believed to have helped Osama Bin Laden escape US bombing in Afghanistan’s Tora Bora mountains in early 2002.

Baitullah Mehsud himself is said to command about 20,000 pro-Taleban militants.

A majority of these belong to the Mehsud tribe.

The militant commander is said to be the man who has masterminded most of the recent suicide attacks in the country.

While he has admitted to targeting military personnel in reprisal attacks, he denied attacking any political figures.


Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder & Leader, while welcoming the ANP for forming defence committees in NWFP against Talibanisation has announced that the people of Sindh will also form “defence committees” to save Karachi from Talibanisation. We Karachiites and people of Sindh reject imposition of baton-wielding and self imposed shariat and Talibanisation of Karachi. MQM will encourage and support the area residents in forming “defence committees”. In unity is victory – with change in our thinking process a lot will change. Mr Hussain reiterated that Sindh is the land of Sufis and Saints and is void of discrimination and Karachi is the capital of Sindh Province. MQM and its leadership have always kept the public well-informed of future threats and apprehensions. Recently in his statements and speeches through newspapers and electronic media he has been warning of the threats, which have come true. Addressing the audience Mr Hussain said that they were called today to attend this hurriedly called session because it was essential to apprise them about the future and that he considered it his national obligation to disclose the facts. He was expressing his views while simultaneously addressing meetings of Defence Clifton Residents Committee and Society Residents Committee. The meetings were also attended by Members of MQM Coordination Committee, Provincial Ministers, Members of National and Provincial Assemblies.

Recalling his statements of last couple of weeks with reference to the political scenario, uncertainty, flight of capital, deteriorating economic condition, worsening law and order situation etc Mr Hussain said that billions of dollars of investment and capital is being shifted from Pakistan to abroad. As a result our currency is weakening against dollar by the day. All stock exchange markets of the country including the Karachi Stock Exchange are falling down. Industries including the textile industry are closing down. Inflation is on the all time high and as a result of unemployment, people are compelled to commit suicide or sell their children.

Mr Hussain said that soon after the Elections of 18th February 2008, the people of Pakistan took a sigh of relief and hoped that everything will be fine, peace will be established and the law and order situation will improve. Instead kidnapping for ransom, robbery, street crimes have increased manifold as compared to the past.
Mr Hussain said that he has been warning of the potential threats at our borders and anything can happen if the government fails to tackle the law and order, control the increasing activities of Talibanisation in tribal areas, control the suicide attacks; and address the issues in FATA, tribal areas, North and South Waziristan. Large number of people including Taliban members from these areas are coming to Karachi and illegally occupying vacant properties and land. This is a well-planned conspiracy to Talibanise Karachi. Mr Hussain asked the audience if they were in favour of Talibanisation of Karachi, want the girls schools and colleges burnt, ban women from employment, ban women from doing business, confine women to homes only, have womenfolk to strictly obey purdah and wear the “shuttle-cock style burqah” when they come out? Everyone replied… “No”.

Mr Hussain asked the audience are they all prepared and arranged protection for themselves and their properties? They replied… “No”. He commented the angels will not come on earth to protect them. He emphasised that his fears are coming true and the danger has already entered the city. Recently, the Taliban have pasted posters in different parts of the city and warned the truck drivers not to transport fuel to NATO. They have threatened to burn such trucks and behead its driver. He referred to a few news items appearing in today’s national and international newspapers with reference to US warnings to Pakistan to tackle the issue of Talibanisation in the tribal areas and also that US will no longer share intelligence and if Pakistan does not take action then US will be compelled to take action.
Mr Hussain said that if the US attacks Pakistan then the influx to Karachi will increase. The city’s outskirts today are surrounded by population and madressahs on illegally encroached lands. We are Muslims and will remain Muslims till our last breath. And, therefore, we reject the imposition Taliban shariat, suicide shariat, baton-wielding shariat or self-imposed version of shariat. The very same people are involved in criminal activities such as kidnapping for ransom, robbery and street crimes. With every passing day these criminals are getting more and more encouraged as no action is being taken against them. The threat of Talibanisation of Karachi is very much present.
Mr Hussain assured the audience that MQM being the representative political party is busy in discussions and meetings to find ways and means to tackle this issue but this is not the responsibility of the MQM alone, we must be alert, This is the question of security and safety for our coming generations. We must now without wasting more time establish chawkidari system in our areas and hold community meetings to communicate with each other. Mr Hussain reiterated that Sindh is the land of Sufis and Saints and is void of discrimination and Karachi is the capital of Sindh Province. He stressed on the need to mobilise the permanent settlers of Sindh who live and die in this province and don’t send their remittance elsewhere to stand united to face the challenges ahead.
Mr Hussain while welcoming the ANP for forming defence committees in NWFP against Talibanisation has announced that the people of Sindh will also form “defence committee” to save Karachi from Talibanisation. Even before the formation of Taliban we prayed to Allah Almighty, observed fasting in the month of Ramadhan and performed all our religious duties and obligations according to Islamic teachings. Therefore, we Karachiites and people of Sindh reject imposition of baton-wielding and self imposed shariat and Talibanisation of Karachi. MQM will encourage and support the area residents in forming “defence committees”.

He appealed to all the Haq Parast elected representatives including the Members of National Assembly, Members of Provincial Assembly, Town Nazims etc to coordinate with residents and make regular visits to hold meetings. In unity is victory – with change in our thinking process a lot will change.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008 - Clashes Erupt in Pakistan's NW; Adm Mullen Makes Surprise Visit

Clashes Erupt in Pakistan's NW; Adm Mullen Makes Surprise Visit

At least 20 people were killed Saturday in fighting between security forces and pro-Taliban insurgents in volatile northwestern Pakistan, according to officials and witnesses.

The violence came during an unannounced, one-day visit to Pakistan by Adm. Michael Mullen, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman. Mullen met with President Pervez Musharraf; Pakistan's army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani; and other officials before returning to Washington.

During his meetings, Mullen expressed concern about insurgents flowing into Afghanistan from Pakistan, according to his spokesman.

The fighting Saturday began when insurgents attacked an army convoy near the town of Zargari in North-West Frontier Province, a region where the Taliban has gained strength in recent months. Witnesses said the insurgents fired rockets, grenades and automatic rifles at the security forces, who responded with heavy fire from ground artillery and helicopter gunships.

A local official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said as many as 16 paramilitary soldiers were among the dead. Local officials said five insurgents were killed, but Taliban sources said one of their fighters had died.

Residents said four civilians were killed in indiscriminate fire from both sides.

"It is really sad that our whole town suddenly became a battleground between local Taliban and security forces, which has paralyzed life," said Mohammand Aurangzeb, a teacher.

Tensions have been high in the area since last week, when security forces arrested six Taliban fighters. In retaliation, insurgents attacked a police station and captured 29 people.

"We will release them only when the government frees our Taliban prisoners," Maulvi Omar, the spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, said in an interview Friday. He threatened to kill the captives, who he said include soldiers, paramilitary forces and police.

Since coming to power in February elections, the government has been trying to negotiate with insurgents. But after months of failed talks, the government has moved troops into the restive regions.

Meanwhile, mortar fire from Afghanistan wounded several Pakistani soldiers Friday in the turbulent tribal area of South Waziristan. Pakistani Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas told the Associated Press it was unclear whether the fire came from NATO-led foreign forces or Afghan forces. He said Pakistani troops returned fire, and "casualties were reported on the other side."

The incident came a month after Pakistan reported that 11 soldiers were killed along the Afghan border when U.S.-led forces dropped more than a dozen bombs in and near Pakistan's tribal regions. At the time, U.S. and Pakistani officials indicated that the incident pointed to the need for better coordination.

Hot Pursuit Into Pakistan?

War On Terror: As Washington moves an aircraft carrier off Pakistan's coast, U.S. commandos are reportedly poised to launch raids against terror targets inside Pakistan. It's about time.

It appears hawks within the Pentagon and CIA have won a long-running policy battle with risk-averse officials in the administration and diplomats at the State Department. The result is a more aggressive, go-it-alone policy in response to Pakistan's failure to disrupt terrorist training camps and cross-border attacks against our troops and the Afghan government.

Politics and diplomacy had not produced the desired results, and they've had ample opportunity to work. For nearly seven years now — as we've coaxed, cajoled and even bribed our "ally" with billions in aid — Osama bin Laden and his henchmen have remained hidden inside Pakistan's tribal areas. Patience with Islamabad has run out. It's time for unilateral military action.

The U.S. military confirms it is sending extra air power to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border by moving the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman. The battle group ostensibly will provide air support for special forces who reportedly have been given the green light — after tumultuous debate within the White House — to conduct raids deep inside Pakistan's tribal belt to eradicate al-Qaida and Taliban bases.

According to a Houston Chronicle report, quoting both Democrat and Republican lawmakers who recently received a briefing from U.S. commanders in the region, the White House has authorized a secret plan to deploy commandos into Pakistan's tribal areas.

Islamabad's ineffective campaign makes it "imperative that U.S. forces be allowed to pursue the Taliban and al-Qaida in tribal areas inside Pakistan," said Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas. "If we don't do something now, they're going to strike us again (in the U.S.), and it is going to be out of this area."
His concern echoes that of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who recently returned from Islamabad warning that the next al-Qaida attack on America will originate from inside Pakistan if we can't convince our ally to stop cutting peace deals with our enemy and deny it safe haven.

At the same time, President Bush confirmed rumors he's authorized a troop escalation in the region in 2009. He didn't offer details, but Pentagon officials expect about 6,000 in reinforcements, raising U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan to about 40,000.

A military buildup along the border is critical to supporting special forces operations inside Pakistan, which would represent a major departure from previous policy respecting Islamabad's ban on such operations.

Of course, in concert with launching any covert raids into Pakistani territory, Washington will also have to ready a black ops team to help secure Islamabad's nuclear warheads so they don't fall into the wrong hands in the event of a political uprising.

What broke the long-standing bias within the administration against unilateral action? Several troubling developments, including:

• A 2006 peace deal brokered by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf that has led to a 40% increase in the number of cross-border attacks from Pakistan's tribal belt, where insurgents now operate with impunity.

• U.S. intelligence reports showing al-Qaida's leadership has carved out a secure base inside the tribal area, along with a band of camps for training a new cadre of Western-looking terrorists to attack the U.S.

• Reports that the flow of foreign fighters and funding into the Pakistani border region from the Middle East has soared as jihadists relocate from Iraq.

• U.S. and Afghan intelligence showing evidence the Pakistani military is arming, training and sharing logistical data with Taliban insurgents to help them target U.S. and Afghan troops.

• A border incident last month in which Pakistani soldiers fired on U.S. forces.

• Evidence the Pakistani government may be behind a campaign to destabilize the U.S.-backed Afghan government, including assassination attempts on Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

• The bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul, which killed 41 including Indian officials. Karzai has blamed Pakistan's military intelligence agency.

Pakistan's border area is a powder keg, and it seems that rather than trying to stabilize things,The Pakistani goverment is trying to light the fuse.U.S.military intervention is the only option left to control the region and put our enemy out of business.

US Ask Pakistan to get tough with militants

Amidst growing fears of a unilateral American action against ‘terrorist sanctuaries’ in tribal areas, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen made an unscheduled visit to Islamabad on Saturday and met top military leadership of the country to persuade it to “act decisively” against Taliban and Al Qaeda militants suspected of mounting cross-border attacks in Afghanistan.

Sources said that the United States was “deeply frustrated” with Pakistan’s lack of ability or willingness, or both, to move decisively to end the rising infiltration by the Taliban militants into Afghanistan.

Recent reports in the Washington Post and New York Times claimed that the US administration was considering using direct military force to stop the infiltration and it may use commando forces, besides direct missile attacks, on militants’ targets.

“Admiral Mullen was here on a day’s visit and has already left,” US embassy spokesperson Kay Mayfield told Dawn, but would not say anything about his meetings.

During his brief stay, Admiral Mullen met the Chief of Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Gen Tariq Majeed, and discussed with them the latest situation in Afghanistan and joint efforts to deal with the challenge posed by terrorists in Fata.

Pakistan army spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas would neither confirm nor deny the meeting, saying no meeting between Admiral Mullen and the Chief of the Army Staff was scheduled.

The sources said that Mullen conveyed to Pakistan military leaders the US government’s growing frustration over Pakistan’s ‘inaction’ against Taliban militants in tribal areas.

Admiral Mullen reiterated Washinton’s stance that these safe havens of the militants should be eliminated, emphasising that Pakistan’s peace deals with terrorists were not achieving the desired results of isolating them and were rather aggravating the problem.

The sources quoted Mullen as complaining that militants were moving across the border with greater liberty now than during the previous government. This was Mullen’s fourth visit to Islamabad this year. But, contrary to his previous visits, this visit was kept in low profile and no official announcement was made.

The United States, in a clear shift in its military strategy in Afghanistan, has stopped sharing information with Pakistan regarding action against terrorists in tribal areas.

During the meeting, Gen Kayani is reported to have protested at recent attacks in Angoor Adda and Mohmand Agency in which Pakistani troops were killed and injured.

The army chief recalled Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror and pledged that Pakistan’s resolve against terrorism remained firm. The Chief of the Army Staff, the sources said, asked the US admiral to share actionable intelligence against terrorists with the Pakistan army.

Earlier this week, Mullen had told reporters in Kabul that Pakistan’s government needed to crack down on Taliban and Al Qaeda militants in Fata.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Altaf Hussain appeals to PM and Federal Interior Advisor


Mr Altaf Hussain, MQM Founder & Leader, has stated that the political instability in the country, threats at our border, the situation after the elections of 18th February 2008 to date and the growing indifference on certain issues between the PPP and the PML-N alliance which made the PML-N to quit the coalition Government, deteriorating situation in Northern Areas and the NWFP has further deteriorated the situation. Moreover, the issue of restoration of judges has not been resolved. As a result, every Pakistani citizen is distressed and very concerned. He was expressing these views while addressing an important session at the MQM International Secretariat London. The session was attended by Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan, Senior Deputy Convenor Tariq Jawaid, City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, Members of MQM Coordination Committee, Provincial Minister for IT Raza Haroon, Member of Provincial Assembly Ms Zareen Majeed, Members of International Secretariat and Members of various organisational wings of MQM.

Mr Hussain said that through a well-planned conspiracy Taliban from all over the country are being transported to settle in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan and the only port city which serves as the gateway to Central Asia. Mr Hussain said that he has always kept his supporters well-informed of the facts and made them aware of dangers ahead. He reminded that he has been persistently informing the liberal minded and educated people of Karachi and Sindh for the past few months and more recently at the reception of the business community that conspiracy has been hatched for the Talibanisation of Karachi in particular and Sindh in general. He appealed to people from all walks of life to take serious notice and come forward to save Karachi and Sindh from Talibanisation. Every citizen should understand the conspiracy, educate others of the threat and make necessary arrangements to protect themselves and their community.

Mr Hussain appealed to the Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, Federal Interior Adviser Rehman Malik, Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah and the Federal and Provincial Cabinet to take notice of the influx and import of Talibanisation to Karachi and to prevent the illegal encroachment of land. He also appealed to all the political and religious parties not to engage in confrontation as the country is faced with a critical situation which demands that all issues must be resolved through honourable and meaningful dialogue and negotiations. Mr Hussain specially appealed to the leaders of the coalition partners, i.e. PPP, MQM and ANP, to make a united concerted effort to prevent the influx of religious extremists and fanatics to Karachi and formulate a line of action so that any terrorist activity or incident is not turned into ethnic or linguistic riots. He said that this is very important that all coalition partners should proactively discourage the spread of ethnic hatred and prevent ethnic or linguistic riots.
Mr Hussain instructed the MQM Coordination Committee to refrain from reacting to provocative statements as the MQM does not want confrontation with anyone. Having ideological and political differences is part of democracy but to flare up such differences is not in the interest of the country. He advised the MQM leaders and workers to observe restraint and remain calm and committed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Misunderstandings About MQM Due To False Propoganda

After the creation of Pakistan on 14 August 1947. First mohajir Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan was shot a dead on 16th October 1951, when he was addressing a public meeting in Rawalpindy.
Pakistan came into existence on 1947. Millions of innocent lives were lost. Muslims were the worst sufferers and gave the most sacrifices. Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and the movement was fully supported by the committed people. But they could never imagine even in their wildest dreams what was in store for them.
The feudal class through sinister international conspiracy managed to take over the control with the consent of their Royal Masters. No doubt, the control was given and handed over to them after assurances and commitment of loyalty. The objective was also to divide, isolate and punish those who supported the creation of Pakistan and offered sacrifices.
The patriotic leaders and freedom fighters including Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan and Fatima Jinnah, sister of the Founder of The Nation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, were systematically eliminated. Those who migrated in millions from India were treated as aliens and deprived of their fundamental rights. They were labeled Mohajirs (refugees) instead of being accepted as Pakistanis. The evil forces of the two percent feudal or privileged class who managed to infiltrate and control all sectors of the government—bureaucracy, establishment and the armed forces.
With the increasing power of the military over the State apparatus, the community found its pre-eminent position being increasingly usurped by the Punjabi dominated military-bureaucratic formation that effectively ruled Pakistan since Gen. Ayub’s coup in 1958.
The official discrimination against Mohajir’s began in 1958 when Muhammad Ayub Khan seized the presidency of Pakistan in a military coup. Ayub Kahn systematically eliminated Mohajirs from important positions in the civil service, bureaucracy and local government. Subsequent administration of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of nationalizing Mohajir businesses, unfairly taxing them.
A study of the Five Decades and the period from 1947-2005 would reveal the truth and expose the dirty faces and tricks. The system and society was systematically and deliberately corrupted and institutions destroyed. People, belonging to the 98 percent of the lower and middle class population, were rendered helpless and hopeless. The situation turned from bad to worse for them, while the evil genius creeps of the feudal mafia flourished through loot, plunder, corruption and cruelties of the worst kind.
The people then turned towards the religious groups in the hope of justice and fair play but again were betrayed and badly disappointed. Most of the religious groups with sinister political motives acted as organ of the corrupt feudal lobby and exploited, used and abused the people in the name of God. While the people were starving and dying due to deprivation and exploitation, the religious leaders became fatter, richer and powerful.
Because of their defective and deceptive policies, the country once again is being led towards disaster and disintegration. They are preparing grounds for their masters to harm the country and the people. Once again the slogan of Islam and God is being used to dupe the people. Thousands of innocent and patriotic people were lured and trapped in the deception and lost their lives.
In 1971, the feudal and capitalist classes in order to protect their vested interests decided to get rid of East Pakistan and the Bengalis, who were elected by the people and deserved to rule the country. The opposition parties denied the majority party power. The Bengalis became a sore in the eyes of the corrupt and cruel evil feudal class. The international conspiracy resulted in break-up of Pakistan and over 90,000 prisoners of wars. Hundreds of thousands lives were lost.
Since it was a conspiracy therefore there was no point of learning a lesson. The nation was deliberately kept in the dark and entangled in problems and massive corruption. Image of the reputed and brave armed forces of Pakistan, after break-up of the country, was further tarnished badly. Instead of the enemy they were used to conquer and crush the helpless and innocent people through large-scale military operations. Rift between the armed forces and the people was cunningly created. Those who judged the sinister motives and bad intentions of the corrupt and cruel feudal creeps, raised their voices and wanted to create awareness and awakening were declared traitors and terrorists.
After Bengalis, the next target of the powerful feudal mafia was the Urdu-speaking Mohajirs. Quota system was introduced to keep them away from jobs and competitions. Treacherous, illiterate and incompetent people were promoted and given important positions and responsibilities. These were products of the quota system.
The first assertions of a distinct ethnic identity were made by (All Pakistan mohajir Student Organization) APMSO on 11June 1978 at Karachi University Founded by Altaf Hussain. APMSO was formed to safeguard the interests of the Mohajir students.
In the begging of APMSO Quaid-e-Tehrik worked with him self to distribute the hand bills in Karachi University place the table for welcoming new students. For the expenditures he gave tuitions to generate fund. Due to the popularity of APMSO, JI (jamat-e-Islami Talba Group) starts attacks, kidnappings and torturing Altaf Hussain and workers of APMSO and stop to entering APMSO’s student in Karachi University on 3rd February 1981.
There is a greater demanded from middle class of Pakistan on 18th March 1984 APMSO gave birth to Mohajir Quami Movement (MQM) as a political party of lower middle class who represent 98% population of Pakistan. First time in history of Pakistan poor and lower middle class peoples on the platform of MQM elected for Parliament, National and Provincial assemblies of Pakistan. This created chill in the spine of the feudal mafia and which again started hatching conspiracies.
Peoples viewing Revolution under the Leadership of Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain. On 21st December 1991some govt. agencies hire peoples to killed Quaid-e-Tehrik. 2% peoples who represent feudral lords of Pakistan don’t like revolution in peoples of Pakistan because they don’t want to believe on democracy in Pakistan. After the several attempts of murder on Quaid-e-Tehrik the party workers, central co-ordination committees and other senior members of MQM requested to leave the country to save the Ideology of MQM and the life of Quaid-Tehrik. The great pressure of die-hard workers on 1st January 1992 Quaid flew to Saudi Arab to perform Umra and their after London UK.
After starting of Army operation till now he had been exile from his beloved country Pakistan.
Exact after 6th months on 19 June 1992 Pakistan Army starts Operation in Sindh against party workers and the Leadership of MQM. The ISI and MI played a prominent role in this operation. In the initial stages the operation was confined to flushing out the dacoits in interior Sindh, but there was a major shift in the operation after June 19, 1992 when the army came out in support of the Haqiqi leaders, and the group led by Afaq and Aamir managed to enter and gain control of Landhi, Korangi, and the Liaquatabad areas of Karachi.
During these operation govt. agencies launches propaganda of false allegations of murders and field false cases against leadership and workers of MQM they also raids and arrest workers to demoralize the moral of thousands of die-hard MQM supporters and the hope of middle class educated peoples of Pakistan. Due to this Army Operation most of the party workers and leaders of MQM are in hiding or killed by agencies. During this operation agencies start extra Judi ional killings of arrested innocent workers and supporters of MQM.
The urban areas where the Mohajirs are in majority were deliberately ignored and turned into hell for them. Thousands were hunted and killed mercilessly in fake police encounters, raids, police lock-ups, and army and ranger operations. Muttahida Quami Movement alone claims that about 18,000 MQM activists have been killed. Hundreds still are missing and presumed dead.
Millions of Mohajirs are jobless and helpless as a result of the conspiracy against them. Deprivation and frustration have made them sick and tired. They were compelled to become defensive and aggressive which gave excuses to the corrupt feudal mafia to declare even the most innocent ones including women, children and elderly as terrorists and traitors.
Despite all the setbacks, hardships, cruelties, killings, atrocities, Mohajirs remain determined to free Pakistan and the people, of all the provinces and places, from the clutches and control of the powerful and cunning feudal mafia. Again, the price is very high but with no choice.
This Army operation doesn’t effect on Quaid-e-Tehrik and MQM popularity in lower middle class even more peoples comes and join it and support’s MQM.
In February 1997 elections MQM again holds more better position break all records due to popularity among middle class.
Peoples think that MQM is the only political party in Pakistan who gives equal rights to citizens of Pakistan. MQM had waged a war against the corrupt elements, feudal system and exploitative forces which had deprived the middle-class of its rights since the last 50 years. The MQM would not only work for the rights of Mohajirs but would also fight for the rights of middle-class Sindhis, Balochis and Pakhtoons.
On 25th July 1997 MQM held a meeting at Khurshid Begum Memorial Hall Karachi which was attended by all Important MQM workers and members all over Pakistan.
In this meeting members presented a resolution called “Qarardad-e-Itehad “which is accepted and passed by all members and workers of MQM at the same day in Evening Quaid-e-Tehrik approved the resolution to change the name of Mohajir Quami Movement to Muttahida Quami Movement in the greatest interest of Pakistan and their rights of middle class.
On 27th of July1997 Quaid -e- Tehrik address on first telephonic speech of Muttahida Quami Movement which is attended by large public gathering of all national communities of Pakistan at Jinnah Ground Azizabad, Karachi, and announced a transformation of Mohajir Quami Movement to Muttahida Quami movement.
Still, the feudal mafia is busy hatching conspiracies against Pakistan, people and the MQM because this is the only movement, which is acting practically and openly against them. In 1971, the evil genius creeps of feudal class harmed Pakistan, humiliated the armed forces and betrayed the people. The feudal mafia can stoop to any lows and do anything to promote and protect their vested interests.
As regards Pakistan and the people, they damn care. Their characteristic is that they pose as loyal but their intentions are very bad. Their approach is always negative and destructive. If Pakistan is harmed, it will be because of them and not others. They are the real traitors and terrorists and cannot be trusted
Since 1947 and till now numerous attempts have been made and no opportunity lost to wipe out Pakistan from the map of the earth.
Quaid-e-Tehrik Mr. Altaf Hussain founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) who are trying to steer Pakistan out of the troubled waters and ready to offer any sacrifice for its protection, progress and prosperity. Such honest, trusted and committed people need to be promoted, elected and given opportunity to serve in the real sense. Awareness and awakening is needed so that people could select the right representatives and support them without fear and greed.
On the other hand, we must remain alert against forces that have harmed both the people and the country. Mistakes must not be repeated. They must not be elected, selected or allowed to dupe the people or loot the nation. Leaders should be treated as representatives and not worshipped like saints, idols or god. Most leaders belong to the feudal lobby and are enjoying this status. The activists, voters and supporters fear them terribly, even more than The Almighty, and avoid taking their names `as a mark of respect’.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Bomb Blasts In Karachi Cannot Hinder The Development Of Karachi: Ajaz Siddiqui, Central Organizer, MQM USA
We Denounce, In Its Strongest Terms, The Deplorable Act Of Bomb Blasts In Karachi: Muttahida Quami Movement, USA

The Central Organizer, and the members of The Central Organizing Committee, MQM USA, have strongly denounced the deplorable act of bomb blasts at various places in Karachi which claim lives and injuries to innocent and peace loving inhabitants of Karachi. They said that this is truly an outcome of the efforts of “Talibanization” in Karachi which will further create polarization, religious hatred and discrimination, and a general chaos in Karachi, which will not only affect the development of Karachi, but also, in general, the overall economic condition of the nation. The members of the Central Organizing Committee of MQM USA further added that the efforts for “Talibanization” in Karachi is one of the many ways in which the corrupt so-called politicians, the so-called religious parties, and the establishment wants to create hindrance to the exemplary development in Karachi, and sabotage the peace of Karachi. They said that the inhabitants of Karachi are united under the leadership of Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain and the efforts of sabotaging the peace of Karachi, creating hindrance to the development of Karachi, and harassing the peace loving inhabitants of Karachi will remain dreams of these non-democratic forces and will never come true to their expectations.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008 - Altaf Hussain Strongly Condemned Bomb Blast In Karachi

Seven explosions occurred in Banaras Chowk, Orangi town, Shahrah-e-Noor Jahan, Qasba mor, Pak Colony and Mangho pir areas in Karachi today.

Mr. Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader of the MQM strongly condemned the bomb blast. He said that this is the part of conspiracies to destabilised the country. He expressed his deep profound sorrow over the killing and pray for early recovery for the injured person.

A Series Of Bomb Blast Went Off Monday In Karachi

Police reported seven blasts at various areas throughout the city -- at least one of them near a police station. A motorbike, a bicycle and a truck were involved in three of the bombs.

Pakistan's ARY One World television reported that seven blasts in less than three hours killed two people and wounded at least 50, including 15 children.

Nobody claimed responsibility in the immediate aftermath of the explosions.

The Associated Press reported the blasts happened in residential and commercial areas.

The state-run news agency Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), on its Web site, reported a senior police officer saying the blasts "were of low intensity and their objective seems to be to create panic."

APP said one blast was in a junk market; another near a gas pump; one was in a light truck; another was near a school; and one was near a roundabout.

The explosions come a day after a suicide bomb attack at a rally in the capital, Islamabad, killed 17 people.

In recent months, other parts of the country, including Lahore and Islamabad, have seen numerous attacks, but Karachi has been in a relative period of calm.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


London – 6th July 2008

MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned the bomb explosion in Islamabad today causing the loss of valuable and innocent lives as a result. Terming this as an act of terrorism, Mr Hussain said that this is a cowardly, inhuman and barbaric act, which was planned to spread terrorism and to challenge the writ of Government. He has demanded of the President, Prime Minister and the Federal Interior Minister to take firm action to arrest those responsible and to punish them accordingly.

Mr Hussain also expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family members of those who lost their lives and prayed for the early recovery of those injured as a result. He prayed to Almighty Allah place the souls of the dead in Jannat-ul-Firdous and grant strength to the family members to endure the tragedy.


At least eight policemen have been killed and more than 20 people injured in a suicide bomb attack in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, officials say.
The blast occurred in front of a police station near the city's Melody Market.

It came on the first anniversary of the bloody ending of a siege at the city's Red Mosque, in which more than 100 people were killed during fighting.

President Pervez Musharraf condemned the attack and reiterated the government's commitment to root out terrorism in "all its forms and manifestations".

There are conflicting reports regarding the death toll, with some officials saying as many as 15 policemen may have been killed in the blast.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the death toll may yet rise from eight killed.

"It might change because at the moment [the victims] are in hospital, some are critical and all the possible medical aid is being provided."
Security had been tight because of fears of an attack at a rally near the mosque, which is also known as Lal Masjid, where several thousand Islamists had gathered to mark the anniversary.
"The blast happened 15 minutes after the meeting dispersed. A heavy contingent of police was at a main crossing several hundred metres from the mosque and they were targeted in the attack," a senior security official told the AFP news agency.
The bomber managed to conceal explosives under his clothes and get into the secure area, said Mr Malik.

"And from... the outer cordon [of security], where the police force was, there were about 25 officials there, and while people were walking, one of the guys just rushed and blew his suicide jacket," he added.
Blood and body parts covered the streets of this residential neighbourhood as terrified people came running out of their houses,In Islamabad.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Local Taliban Warn Trucks Against Supplying To NATO

KARACHI, June 25: Handbills and pamphlets threatening truck drivers and warning them against supplying oil and goods to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) troops in Afghanistan are being distributed by the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan in Shireen Jinnah Colony and the Mauripur truck stand, Dawn has learnt.

Truckers of Shireen Jinnah Colony said that such handbills, which threaten dire consequences if the directives are not followed, were distributed and pasted at the entrance of Kauser Masjid, the area’s main mosque, a few weeks ago.

A contractor associated with oil supplies from Shireen Jinnah Colony guided this reporter to the mosque where the pamphlets are pasted, but fear led him to keep a considerable distance from the mosque. “I cannot afford to be seen with you in this area,” he explained before walking away. “These threats have affected our work and supplies to Afghanistan have dropped to some extent. Not everyone is willing to go ahead with such a risky trip now.”

According to this source, no one has so far informed the police or any other authority about the threats. Upon the condition of anonymity, an office-bearer of the Karachi Goods Transport Association confirmed the distribution of threatening handbills by the Tehreek-i-Taliban in the Mauripur truck stand area. He added that such intimidation tactics have been used in Bannu and D.I. Khan for well over a year, and there have been incidents of containers being looted and hijacked.

Chilling threats

A copy of the pamphlet was obtained by Dawn and translated from Urdu, it states: “All the owners of trucks and trailers, drivers and truck stand owners, are warned that all supplies to Nato, the International Security Force and US forces should be stopped within a week’s time.

“After the deadline, if any truck or trawler is caught supplying diesel, petrol or goods, not only will the vehicle be set on fire but the driver will also be brutally slaughtered. These attacks will be carried out starting from Karachi to Peshawar, Chaman, Kandahar and Bagram until such time that the supply line of the Christian [sic] army is severed.

“Therefore, all drivers are advised not to destroy their life in the hereafter and refrain from helping the infidels […]

“Don’t you know that the very diesel, petrol and other goods being supplied to the warring coalition forces are being used to bomb Muslim children and women? […] Thus, are you not equally responsible in this massacre?

“Today the Christian forces are being supplied all kinds of goods by conscience-less and irreligious transporters and drivers like you.

“So don’t the Taliban deserve the right to slaughter non-believers like you?

“[…] After the deadline, all the drivers who have not stopped supplying goods to the Christian forces will be made into an example to others.”

At the end, the pamphlet singles out the Afridi and Shinwari tribes and warns them against helping “infidels” take over Afghanistan.

Another source associated with oil supplies told Dawn that a private concern, which has a high stake in supplying oil to Nato forces in Afghanistan, had been receiving such warnings from the Tehreek-i-Taliban for many months. The concern did not take the threats seriously, and a group member’s younger brother was kidnapped by unknown persons recently and remains untraced.

Friday, July 4, 2008

MQM Worker injured by armed terrorists in Karachi

MQM Worker Adeel injured by armed terrorists in KarachiMQM Central Co-ordination Committee condemned firing incident
Karachi- 3rd July 2008 …MQM Central Co-ordination Committee strongly condemned the attack on MQM workers in which one worker Adeel seriously injured by armed terrorists in Scheme 33, Rizwan Society Karachi today. In a statement Co-ordination Committee said that armed terrorists belong to a nationalist organisation opened fire on MQM workers in a park at Rizwan Society. In the firing incident Adeel was hit in chest and back and has serious injuries. Adeel was rushed to the local hospital of Gulshan-e-Iqbal where his condition is critical. After receiving this information Members of the MQM Tanzeemi Committee, Provincial Minister Faisal Subzwari, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Twon Nazim Wasay Jalil and local office bearers of the MQM reached hospital. They appealed to the workers for peace and calm.
Meanwhile, MQM Co-ordination Committee strongly condemned the firing incident and said that criminal elements want to destroy the peace of the City. Co-ordination Committee demanded of Governor Sindh Dr. Isharat-ul-Ibad, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Provincial Interior Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza to arrest those terrorists who are involved in firing incident on MQM workers. Co-ordination Committee pray for early recovery of injured worker Adeel.

Talibanisation and Sectarian violence in Karachi

Conspiracies are being hatched for forcible and unlawful occupation of Karachi through Talibanisation and Sectarian violence – Altaf Hussain

Mr Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) said that a conspiracy is being hatched with organised and sustained planning for occupation of Karachi by Talibans and organise sectarian violence. He expressed these views during his telephonic address to the Members of the Defence Clifton, North Nazimabad and Gulshan-e-Iqbal Residents Committees in Karachi simultaneously from London. He said that under planned and sustained conspiracy truck-loads of migrants from tribal areas are being settled in Karachi under the patronage of a few strong elements of the agencies that are organising forcible and illegal occupation of the empty plots of land in Karachi by dispersing these migrants in different areas of Karachi.

Mr Altaf Hussain said that for the past one week the religious extremists migrating to Karachi have practically engaged in the implementation of conspiracies for Talibanising Karachi and foster sectarian violence that is manifested by their extremists and violent slogans chalked on the walls of different localities in Karachi around Asma Gardens in Scheme 33 and the walls of flats, shops and parks around Gulshan View Apartments and other parts of city stating: “ If you wish to live in Karachi then you have to live like Talibans”, “if you have to live in Karachi then you have to live like Jihadis”, “if you wish to live in Karachi then you have to swear allegiance to Bait-ullah Mehsud” and also a regretful slogans to commit sectarian violence has been chalked stating: “Khomeini Dog, Khomeini infidel and those not acknowledging is also infidel”.
Mr Altaf Hussain said that it is apparent that on the one hand the religious extremis Talibans are planning to forcibly and illegally occupy Karachi while on the other the wish to destroy the peace and tranquillity of the city by committing sectarian violence. He said that MQM is the only party obstructing Talibanisation and Sectarian related violence in Karachi and MQM would continue to raise its voice against ulterior designs of Talibanisation and Sectarianism in future also. On one occasion Mr Altaf Hussain asked the participants whether they wanted Talibanisation in Karachi? The participants unequivocally replied “Never”. He unambiguously said that the MQM does not wish to have any confrontation or conflict with anyone but it would not permit anyone to attack us in our own localities and destroy peace of the city through terrorism.
Mr Altaf Hussain said that it is the crisis of sustainability of our coming generations and each and every citizen has to demonstrate awakening on this sensitive issue and taking serious notice of the situation, they have to unite. He stressed on the participants to keep an eye on the situation of Sindh and particularly of Karachi and keep people aware to play their roles for defeating this occupation.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Goodbye, Peshawar?


Peshawar -- literally 'High Fort' in Persian -- now stands encircled. Haji Mangal Bagh Afridi controls most of what is west of Peshawar. Dara Adam Khel, a mere 35 kilometres south of Peshawar, is controlled by Baitullah Mehsud's loyalists. Charsadda and Shabqadar, both less than 30 kilometres north of Peshawar, are controlled by Commander Umar Khalid, TTP's (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) leader in Mohmand agency. Two weeks ago, Javed Aziz Khan of The News reported that Sheikhan, Sarband, Regi and Nasir Bagh were under Mangal Bagh's absolute control while Mathra, Michni, Daudzai and Khazana were under Umar Khalid's control.

What is the real plan? Is the 'High Fort' being surrounded with the intent of an assault? After all, Pakistan army's XI Corp -- some 60,000 soldiers -- commanded by the brave Lieutenant-General Masood Aslam is headquartered in Peshawar (in 1971, Masood Aslam was wounded fighting in Chumb-Jaurian sector. He has served in Siachen and has been the recipient of Sitara-i-Jurat for his extraordinary service and bravery). Peshawar also has the Bala Hisar Fort, the Frontier Corps' headquarters, where Major-General Mohammad Alam Khattak (Tamgha-i-Basalat) is the commander. Peshawar has the 7th Infantry Division, the Golden Arrow Division, Pakistan's "oldest and the most battle-hardened division".

Peshawar also has the Central Police Office. Malik Naveed Khan is in command but has neither human capital nor much else. The Sarband Police Station, which is right next to Khyber agency, according to Javed Aziz Khan, has a total of six bullet-proof jackets and not a single armoured personnel carrier (APC). The Matani Police Station has one APC but that is almost always at the workshop. Is Peshawar under siege? Athar Minallah, my dear friend, insists that there are Taliban in Bradford and in Birmingham. Question: What really prevents Bradford from falling into Taliban's hands? It is not the 10the Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment; it is the civilian administrative apparatus. Cripple that civilian administrative machinery and Bradford Taliban will take over the City Hall, Bradford Cathedral and also the National Media Museum. And, in absence of an effective civilian administrative setup, almost all residents of Bradford will rush towards the Taliban for protection as well as for the dispensation of justice.

South Waziristan now belongs to Baitullah Mehsud. Hafiz Gul Bahadur is the Taliban supreme commander in North Waziristan. Maulvi Faqir Mohammad controls Bajaur. Mangal Bagh and Haji Namdar reign over Khyber. Commander Umar Khalid is the boss in Mohmand. That's some 20,000 sq-km of physical Pakistan terrain. Is this terrorism or is it an insurgency? Should the state of Pakistan devise a counter-terrorism or a counter-insurgency strategy?

To be certain, violence is the common denominator in terrorism and insurgency. But, rarely will terrorists attempt to actually control physical terrain. In essence, what the state of Pakistan faces is not terrorism but an active insurgency.

A retired army brigadier, as knowledgeable in FATA as anyone I know, insists that the roots of this insurgency can actually be traced back to 1997. In 1999, this brigadier, with his FATA insurgency fact-file under his arm, had walked up to the DG-ISI but no one was ready to pay much heed. Then came 9/11 and that pushed the Talibanisation of NWFP some two years behind.

How do we get out of it? It is obvious that jirgas are meaningless and so are peace agreements. The best suggestion that I have heard so far is as follows: give the militants every sort of indemnity that they ask for. Forgive each and every one of their past crimes. Accept a hundred other conditions put up by the militants. All in exchange for just one. And, that condition is that no one -- absolutely no one -- will be allowed to run a parallel administration.

Where is the government going wrong? Well, the government blinks while the Taliban -- the government's ex-proxies -- freely exhibit their muscle (for instance, they enter Peshawar at will and take from Peshawar whatever they want). Remember, tribal loyalties belong to whoever has the muscle. Act now or sayonara Peshawar. AdiĆ³s Peshawar. Au revoir Peshawar. Mach's gut Peshawar. Aloha Peshawar. Arrivederci Peshawar. Zai jian Peshawar. Just what language do our decision makers understand?

A Conspiracy to Talibanise Karachi


3rd July 2008

A marathon emergency meeting of the Central Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) was held in London in which the Members of Karachi Central Co-ordination Committee, Karachi Tanzimi Committee present in London and Members of the International Secretariat participated. The Members expressed their deep concerns over settling the Jihadi extremists from all over the country in Karachi through deliberate and sustained emigrational process and their escalating anti-peace and nefarious activities. In a statement released after the meeting, the Members of the Co-ordination Committee said that the province of Sindh is the land of “Sufis” and peace-loving people who believe in religious tolerance, sectarian harmony, brotherhood and unity while a conspiracy of Talibanising Karachi by settling the Jihadi extremists in Karachi is being hatched. The statement said that the settlement of Jihadi extremists is being carried out under the patronage on certain elements of the agencies of the Establishment. They further elaborated that these elements are not only illegally occupying lands in different localities of Karachi but also resorting to loot and plunder, robberies, theft, kidnapping for ransom and extortion. The statement further said that while committing above mentioned crimes they are also writing slogans on the walls inciting sectarian hatred and intimidation that manifests their future ulterior motives. The statement cited a few glaring examples of those slogans openly chalked on the walls of the flats, houses and parks situated at Asma Gardens in Housing Scheme 33, Gulshan View Apartments, Noman Arcade and its nearby flats and parks stated: “If you wish to live in Karachi then you have to say Jeay Taliban”, “If you wish to live in Karachi then you have to live like Talibans”, “if you wish to live in Karachi then you have to live like Jihadis”, If you wish to live in Karachi then you have to say yes to Baitullah Mehsud” and with profound and deep regrets we have to cite this horrible slogans written by these religious extremists elements that says: “Khomeini Dog, Khomeini Infidel and those who do not acknowledge are also infidels”.
The Members of the Central Co-ordination Committee said that people of Karachi are extremely concerned over this dangerous and crucial situation and said that they have no conflicts with the elements belonging to different religious extremists groups. The statement further said if these elements are facing problems in their own areas then we can establish shelter and camps for their refuge in Karachi and would also provide them help and basic amenities but the people of Sindh and Karachi will never permit to illegally occupy the land of Karachi, the capital of Sindh province and destroy its peace. The statement said that they ask the peaceful people of Sindh including Karachi to remain beware, keep their eyes open and keep unity in their rank and file and make each and single person aware of the conspiracy of Talibanisation of Sindh particularly Karachi. The Members of the Central Co-ordination Committee demanded of the Government to take stern action against the elements illegally occupying lands in Karachi, committing loot and plunder, robberies, extortion and kidnapping for ransom and the extremists elements Talibanising Karachi and other contemptuous elements.