Friday, July 25, 2008


Autumn the divorce between trees and leaves,

Beginning of the winter, as we believe.

Leaves falling like drops of rain,

Trying to fly but in vain.

Wandering on the roofs, alleys and streets,

Crushing under the walking feet.

The trees feed the leaves, making them strong.

Keeping them green and fresh, all along.

When a leaf leaves the tree.

It becomes lifeless, direction-less and fall free.

I see these falling leaves and think,

All the things of nature have a link.

A person who loose his faith is just like a falling leaf,

Having no direction, no purpose of life and no belief,

Falling from the tree of faith, loosing life's flame,

Wandering on the streets of life without any aim.

Faith is the strength and essence of life.

Keep your faith alive in peace and strife.