Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taliban threat on rise in Karachi: Altaf Hussain

The threat of Talibanisation is on the rise in Karachi and Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) activists must remain ‘mentally and physically vigilant’ to face the threat, MQM leader Altaf Hussain said on Sunday.

Altaf Hussain said, “We will not bow our heads before Taliban terrorists, rather we will face them. The conspiracy of Talibanisation is on the rise in Karachi and MQM activists should remain mentally and physically prepared to face hard times ahead.” Altaf Hussain was addressing a Workers Convention at Lal Qila Ground, Azizabad. During his telephone address, the MQM leader said that Islam espouses a message of peace and brotherhood and does not support terrorism in any form. On the contrary, the ‘religion of peace’ condemns acts of cruelty and brutality, said Altaf.

The MQM leader said: “Terrorists strangle innocent men and women, old and young and burn down female educational institutions in the name of Islam. This is ignorance. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that ‘it is obligatory for every man and woman to get education’.” He urged intellectuals and writers to tell the masses about ‘conspiracies of Talibanisation’. The country is going through a crisis, he said, adding that its sovereignty will be threatened if the ‘menace of Talibanisation’ was not curbed. The MQM has fulfilled it duty by informing people about the impending threat time and again, he said. “The people here [in Pakistan] were Muslims and are Muslims. What kind of Muslims do they [the Taliban] want to make us? Actually, they [the Taliban] want to bring the shariah of the Kalashnikov into force but people will not tolerate such a forced shariah,” Altaf Hussain said.

Umme Hassan: He said Karachi was now facing a conspiracy as the Tribal Areas. The recent visit of Umme Hassan was part of an agenda to Talibanise the country’s financial hub, Altaf Hussain said.Umme Hassan visited various religious seminaries of the city and provoked students to launch jihad, he said, noting that after her visit the activities of some extremist elements have increased.

He demanded that the president, prime minister, Sindh governor, chief minister and home minister look into the matter and take immediate steps to counter such conspiracies.