Friday, July 11, 2008

Misunderstandings About MQM Due To False Propoganda

After the creation of Pakistan on 14 August 1947. First mohajir Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan was shot a dead on 16th October 1951, when he was addressing a public meeting in Rawalpindy.
Pakistan came into existence on 1947. Millions of innocent lives were lost. Muslims were the worst sufferers and gave the most sacrifices. Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and the movement was fully supported by the committed people. But they could never imagine even in their wildest dreams what was in store for them.
The feudal class through sinister international conspiracy managed to take over the control with the consent of their Royal Masters. No doubt, the control was given and handed over to them after assurances and commitment of loyalty. The objective was also to divide, isolate and punish those who supported the creation of Pakistan and offered sacrifices.
The patriotic leaders and freedom fighters including Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan and Fatima Jinnah, sister of the Founder of The Nation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, were systematically eliminated. Those who migrated in millions from India were treated as aliens and deprived of their fundamental rights. They were labeled Mohajirs (refugees) instead of being accepted as Pakistanis. The evil forces of the two percent feudal or privileged class who managed to infiltrate and control all sectors of the government—bureaucracy, establishment and the armed forces.
With the increasing power of the military over the State apparatus, the community found its pre-eminent position being increasingly usurped by the Punjabi dominated military-bureaucratic formation that effectively ruled Pakistan since Gen. Ayub’s coup in 1958.
The official discrimination against Mohajir’s began in 1958 when Muhammad Ayub Khan seized the presidency of Pakistan in a military coup. Ayub Kahn systematically eliminated Mohajirs from important positions in the civil service, bureaucracy and local government. Subsequent administration of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of nationalizing Mohajir businesses, unfairly taxing them.
A study of the Five Decades and the period from 1947-2005 would reveal the truth and expose the dirty faces and tricks. The system and society was systematically and deliberately corrupted and institutions destroyed. People, belonging to the 98 percent of the lower and middle class population, were rendered helpless and hopeless. The situation turned from bad to worse for them, while the evil genius creeps of the feudal mafia flourished through loot, plunder, corruption and cruelties of the worst kind.
The people then turned towards the religious groups in the hope of justice and fair play but again were betrayed and badly disappointed. Most of the religious groups with sinister political motives acted as organ of the corrupt feudal lobby and exploited, used and abused the people in the name of God. While the people were starving and dying due to deprivation and exploitation, the religious leaders became fatter, richer and powerful.
Because of their defective and deceptive policies, the country once again is being led towards disaster and disintegration. They are preparing grounds for their masters to harm the country and the people. Once again the slogan of Islam and God is being used to dupe the people. Thousands of innocent and patriotic people were lured and trapped in the deception and lost their lives.
In 1971, the feudal and capitalist classes in order to protect their vested interests decided to get rid of East Pakistan and the Bengalis, who were elected by the people and deserved to rule the country. The opposition parties denied the majority party power. The Bengalis became a sore in the eyes of the corrupt and cruel evil feudal class. The international conspiracy resulted in break-up of Pakistan and over 90,000 prisoners of wars. Hundreds of thousands lives were lost.
Since it was a conspiracy therefore there was no point of learning a lesson. The nation was deliberately kept in the dark and entangled in problems and massive corruption. Image of the reputed and brave armed forces of Pakistan, after break-up of the country, was further tarnished badly. Instead of the enemy they were used to conquer and crush the helpless and innocent people through large-scale military operations. Rift between the armed forces and the people was cunningly created. Those who judged the sinister motives and bad intentions of the corrupt and cruel feudal creeps, raised their voices and wanted to create awareness and awakening were declared traitors and terrorists.
After Bengalis, the next target of the powerful feudal mafia was the Urdu-speaking Mohajirs. Quota system was introduced to keep them away from jobs and competitions. Treacherous, illiterate and incompetent people were promoted and given important positions and responsibilities. These were products of the quota system.
The first assertions of a distinct ethnic identity were made by (All Pakistan mohajir Student Organization) APMSO on 11June 1978 at Karachi University Founded by Altaf Hussain. APMSO was formed to safeguard the interests of the Mohajir students.
In the begging of APMSO Quaid-e-Tehrik worked with him self to distribute the hand bills in Karachi University place the table for welcoming new students. For the expenditures he gave tuitions to generate fund. Due to the popularity of APMSO, JI (jamat-e-Islami Talba Group) starts attacks, kidnappings and torturing Altaf Hussain and workers of APMSO and stop to entering APMSO’s student in Karachi University on 3rd February 1981.
There is a greater demanded from middle class of Pakistan on 18th March 1984 APMSO gave birth to Mohajir Quami Movement (MQM) as a political party of lower middle class who represent 98% population of Pakistan. First time in history of Pakistan poor and lower middle class peoples on the platform of MQM elected for Parliament, National and Provincial assemblies of Pakistan. This created chill in the spine of the feudal mafia and which again started hatching conspiracies.
Peoples viewing Revolution under the Leadership of Quaid-e-Tehrik Altaf Hussain. On 21st December 1991some govt. agencies hire peoples to killed Quaid-e-Tehrik. 2% peoples who represent feudral lords of Pakistan don’t like revolution in peoples of Pakistan because they don’t want to believe on democracy in Pakistan. After the several attempts of murder on Quaid-e-Tehrik the party workers, central co-ordination committees and other senior members of MQM requested to leave the country to save the Ideology of MQM and the life of Quaid-Tehrik. The great pressure of die-hard workers on 1st January 1992 Quaid flew to Saudi Arab to perform Umra and their after London UK.
After starting of Army operation till now he had been exile from his beloved country Pakistan.
Exact after 6th months on 19 June 1992 Pakistan Army starts Operation in Sindh against party workers and the Leadership of MQM. The ISI and MI played a prominent role in this operation. In the initial stages the operation was confined to flushing out the dacoits in interior Sindh, but there was a major shift in the operation after June 19, 1992 when the army came out in support of the Haqiqi leaders, and the group led by Afaq and Aamir managed to enter and gain control of Landhi, Korangi, and the Liaquatabad areas of Karachi.
During these operation govt. agencies launches propaganda of false allegations of murders and field false cases against leadership and workers of MQM they also raids and arrest workers to demoralize the moral of thousands of die-hard MQM supporters and the hope of middle class educated peoples of Pakistan. Due to this Army Operation most of the party workers and leaders of MQM are in hiding or killed by agencies. During this operation agencies start extra Judi ional killings of arrested innocent workers and supporters of MQM.
The urban areas where the Mohajirs are in majority were deliberately ignored and turned into hell for them. Thousands were hunted and killed mercilessly in fake police encounters, raids, police lock-ups, and army and ranger operations. Muttahida Quami Movement alone claims that about 18,000 MQM activists have been killed. Hundreds still are missing and presumed dead.
Millions of Mohajirs are jobless and helpless as a result of the conspiracy against them. Deprivation and frustration have made them sick and tired. They were compelled to become defensive and aggressive which gave excuses to the corrupt feudal mafia to declare even the most innocent ones including women, children and elderly as terrorists and traitors.
Despite all the setbacks, hardships, cruelties, killings, atrocities, Mohajirs remain determined to free Pakistan and the people, of all the provinces and places, from the clutches and control of the powerful and cunning feudal mafia. Again, the price is very high but with no choice.
This Army operation doesn’t effect on Quaid-e-Tehrik and MQM popularity in lower middle class even more peoples comes and join it and support’s MQM.
In February 1997 elections MQM again holds more better position break all records due to popularity among middle class.
Peoples think that MQM is the only political party in Pakistan who gives equal rights to citizens of Pakistan. MQM had waged a war against the corrupt elements, feudal system and exploitative forces which had deprived the middle-class of its rights since the last 50 years. The MQM would not only work for the rights of Mohajirs but would also fight for the rights of middle-class Sindhis, Balochis and Pakhtoons.
On 25th July 1997 MQM held a meeting at Khurshid Begum Memorial Hall Karachi which was attended by all Important MQM workers and members all over Pakistan.
In this meeting members presented a resolution called “Qarardad-e-Itehad “which is accepted and passed by all members and workers of MQM at the same day in Evening Quaid-e-Tehrik approved the resolution to change the name of Mohajir Quami Movement to Muttahida Quami Movement in the greatest interest of Pakistan and their rights of middle class.
On 27th of July1997 Quaid -e- Tehrik address on first telephonic speech of Muttahida Quami Movement which is attended by large public gathering of all national communities of Pakistan at Jinnah Ground Azizabad, Karachi, and announced a transformation of Mohajir Quami Movement to Muttahida Quami movement.
Still, the feudal mafia is busy hatching conspiracies against Pakistan, people and the MQM because this is the only movement, which is acting practically and openly against them. In 1971, the evil genius creeps of feudal class harmed Pakistan, humiliated the armed forces and betrayed the people. The feudal mafia can stoop to any lows and do anything to promote and protect their vested interests.
As regards Pakistan and the people, they damn care. Their characteristic is that they pose as loyal but their intentions are very bad. Their approach is always negative and destructive. If Pakistan is harmed, it will be because of them and not others. They are the real traitors and terrorists and cannot be trusted
Since 1947 and till now numerous attempts have been made and no opportunity lost to wipe out Pakistan from the map of the earth.
Quaid-e-Tehrik Mr. Altaf Hussain founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) who are trying to steer Pakistan out of the troubled waters and ready to offer any sacrifice for its protection, progress and prosperity. Such honest, trusted and committed people need to be promoted, elected and given opportunity to serve in the real sense. Awareness and awakening is needed so that people could select the right representatives and support them without fear and greed.
On the other hand, we must remain alert against forces that have harmed both the people and the country. Mistakes must not be repeated. They must not be elected, selected or allowed to dupe the people or loot the nation. Leaders should be treated as representatives and not worshipped like saints, idols or god. Most leaders belong to the feudal lobby and are enjoying this status. The activists, voters and supporters fear them terribly, even more than The Almighty, and avoid taking their names `as a mark of respect’.