Wednesday, June 11, 2008


History and Background:Altaf Hussain, The Founder & Leader of MQM, was born on 17th September 1953, in Karachi. On 11 June 1978, he formed the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation (APMSO) at the University of Karachi. The students who joined APMSO are from the poor and working class background. By 1984, the students’ organisation had taken its message into every corner of Sindh. It was, decided to formally launch Mohajir Quami Movement on 18th March 1984, which was transformed into Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) on 26th July 1997. MQM’s Position: MQM is the third largest political party of Pakistan and the second largest in the province of Sindh, southern Pakistan. MQM has attained this position by winning the local bodies and general elections held in 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2002 and 2005. Currently MQM has its 25 Members in the National Assembly of Pakistan, 51 Members in the Provincial Assembly of Sindh, 6 Members in the Senate of Pakistan and 2 Members in the Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir. MQM is in the coalition government participate take part at federal and provincial level. Its nominated representative Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan is the appointed Governor of Sindh Province. The City Nazim (Mayor) and Naib Nazim (Deputy Mayor) of Karachi and 14 Town Nazims of Karachi also belong to the MQM. The City Nazim and Naib Nazim of Hyderabad, District Naib Nazim of Mirpurkhas, Nazim and Naib Nazim of Taluka (Town) Mirpurkhas, Taluka (Town) Nazim of Sukkur, Taluka (Town) Nazim of Nawabshah and Naib Nazim Taluka (Town) Tando Adam belong to MQM. MQM’s Philosophy: MQM stands for equal rights and opportunities for all irrespective of colour, creed, caste, sect, gender, ethnicity or religion. MQM strives tirelessly for tolerance, religious or otherwise and opposes fanaticism, terrorism and violence in all their manifestations. MQM is committed to the introduction of an entrepreneurial free market economy, good governance and independent judiciary capable of dispensing justice, transparent accountability, free Press and participation of the women in all spheres of life. MQM’s political objective is to change the corrupt medieval feudal political system of Pakistan. MQM is, therefore, the only party of the lower and working classes, totally tree of feudal lords and army Generals. Altaf Hussain’s struggle is based on his philosophy of “Realism and Practicalism” (published in July 2003). He firmly believes that for the progress of the country it is essential to abolish the medieval feudal system and to get rid of the religious extremism to establish the rule of 98 percent working people, poor and downtrodden masses. Unlawful and Illegal Arrests:During his struggle for the rights of 98 percent poor and working class people of Pakistan, Mr. Altaf Hussain has been unlawfully arrested and illegally imprisoned three times. Firstly, on 14th August 1979 while he was demonstrating in front of Quaid-e-Azam tomb for the repatriation of the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh. On 2nd October 1979, the Martial Law Court unlawfully sentenced him to nine month imprisonment and five lashes. He served his sentence and was released on 28th April 1980. Secondly, Mr. Altaf Hussain was arrested on 31 October 1986, while wasreturning from the Pacca Qila Hyderabad after addressing the rally over there. Thirdly, on 13 August 1987 Mr Altaf Hussain offered his voluntary arrest to the Authorities on the condition that all his workers, companions and all the officials who have been arrested under fabricated charges would be released. Assassination Attempts before he left Pakistan:The handfuls of feudal who have dominated Pakistan since its inception they are apprehensive that the thought, philosophy and the ideology propagated by Mr Altaf Hussain would end their hegemony. They, therefore, contrived different means to finish Mr. Altaf Hussain including several assassination attempts. During these attacks the agents of deceptive forces used hired killers who tried all kinds of weapons with knives and other lethal weapons including hand grenades. When he was in New York in 1987, there was an assassination attempt on him. On 21st December 1991, when Mr. Altaf Hussain was returning from London, on his way from the Airport to Azizabad, there was an attempt near Aisha Manzil, Federal “B” Area, Karachi to blow up his car with hand grenades, however, the hand grenades blow up in the assassin’s hand who died on the spot but the police also killed his accomplice on the spot and claimed that he had been shot in an encounter. The assassination attempt of 21st December 1991 was a clear indication that the powers to be want to eliminate Mr. Altaf Hussain by any means. It was, therefore, unanimously decided by the Central Committee of MQM and the office bearers and workers that it was essential to save his life and that he must continue leading from abroad. It was now time that he needed to leave the country. On 1st of January 1992, he left Pakistan and came to London. It must be noted that not a single case of any kind was mentioned against him when he left the country. Assassination Threats in London:Soon after the tragic incident of 9/11 in New York, Mr Altaf Hussain was the only political leader of Pakistan who openly issued statement against the religious extremism and extended his unconditional support to the war against terrorism. MQM organised a mammoth public rally in Karachi (the only rally) in support of the war against terrorism on 26th September 2001. Most recently on 15th April 2007, MQM organised another huge rally in Karachi against the religious extremism and fanaticism in the name of Islam. This open support to the war against terrorism is not liked by the religious extremist and jihadi elements and since the announcement Mr Altaf Hussain has received several threats to his life in London, i.e. 31st January 2000, 7th June 2001, 6th November 2002, 22nd February 2003 and 21st March 2004. All these threats had been reported to the police. In view of the above it is abundantly clear that the threat to Mr Hussain’s life even in the United Kingdom is not only well founded but also well documented. Thus that free movement is restricted in view of his personal security. Extrajudicial Execution of Elder Brother and Nephew:Mr. Altaf Hussain’s 66 years old brother Mr. Nasir Hussain and 28 year old nephew Arif Hussain were illegally and unlawfully arrested on 5th December 1995. They were kept in custody and brutally tortured for four days and on 9th December 1995, their dead bodies were found in the Gadap Area of Karachi. This is a brief description of how Mr Altaf Hussain from a modest student has become the leader of the third largest political party in Pakistan. Since then his message has been spreading to every corner of Pakistan? And is now being heard worldwide with the MQM having overseas units in almost all the major cities of the world. This shows the truth and effectiveness of Altaf Hussain’s dynamic leadership, his philosophy and ideology.